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3 more days...

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Next weekend I will be getting this puppy. She is 9 weeks in these pictures, and will be close to 11 weeks when I get her. I am not sure about a name yet, but so far I like the name Panda (based on her colors) BUT that also happens to be the name of my bf's dog. Do you think it would be weird naming her that anyway?

Anyway, here are the pictures!

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Awww what a cute little pup!!
I like the name panda too, I don't think it'd be too suits her! :)
She has beautiful couloring that name will really fit her. GOOD LUCK :wave:
such a sweet little girl.. You could always call her lil panda and your bf could call his dog big panda... hehehhe
Aww she is SO CUTE!!!! :) I think Panda is a perfect name for her. :)
Ooh, I like Little Panda!

Thanks for the comments everyone. 8)
Congrats :D I know the fun and excitement of having a new pup..I am sure u will enjoy it too.
how about Pandy? it's the same but different ya know..... she is very cute!
omg she is gorgeous!!!!!!!
To darn cute for words. I like the name Panda too. She sure does look like a little Panda Bear.

Panda suits her perfectly!! Shes absolutely adorable!
She does look like a little panda bear!! What a cuttie. You will have so much fun when you get her home. Congrats!
Beautiful baby :) oooh I bet you cannot wait to get her home for a cuddle :lol:
She is just adorable! I like the name Panda also! Congratulations!

Thank you.

Now let's just see how Baby will react to a new sister. 8)
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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