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34 chihuahuas for adoption!

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crossposted. contact info below, not me! Chiefland is in less
populated area of FL, in what is called the "big bend" area as not
panhandle and not main penisula of FL. FYI, Darlene,FL

Just got word from Levy Animal Control that the county has
confiscated 34 small Chihuahua and terriers (cross?) from a lady who
is labeled as mentally unstable. They have been wormed, deflead etc.
and are available for adoption,
It will be published in the Gainesville and CHiefland newspapers
today (22) and will also be covered by Channel 20 (Gainesville).
They will also be pictured in petfinder if all goes well.

Anyone that can help out, please call Mike Schenk at 352 221 5307
(his cell) as he is trying to get them placed ASAP. They are going
to a KILL shelter, that only keeps them for 6 days max, so all help
is greatly appreciated. Mike has his hands full at present, and the
shelter would like to put down the dogs that are presently there to
accommodate the new, if you can fit a few of these in
your homes or wherever, give Mike a call.
Chantal Andrew
Beardie Rescue
PS they are NOT neutered/spayed. There are 14 puppies and the rest
are over 6 months.
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oh no... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: poor little ones. i wish i could help.
i wish i could help but i dont live in fl i live in Ohio :cry:
Whereabouts in FL is this? We have the room to take in at least one....and may even have family going to FL soon -- not sure, though. Since we do not have long distance on home phone and haven't gone anywhere so no cell phone use you know what the adoption fees are?
Call Mike his number is above in he post :D

And that you!!!!!!!!! :D
thanxs for posting this, is there ne more news? Its a shame these chis r in america, there are so many people in the uk desperate for a chihuahua.
tell me about it mia! *huff* **** still looking! **** lol
any update on these dogs KJ :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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