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I was in Tractor Supply today and stumbled across this, I'm going to see how my crew likes it- I checked and the pieces are about the same size/shape as the Wellness super 5 Mix S.B.. Our daughter is going to try it too for her large breeds. The price for chicken & rice small/toy breed 18#= $16.99, 35#(same variety=$24.99:hello1:
Here's a link to it's rating at dog food advisor:

Here's what the pet food list had about it:

4 Health Dog Food (information provided by owner)

* Only brand is 4 Health
* Manufacture their own foods in specially designed kitchen.
* Only supplier is Mountain People's Warehouse.
* Meat is from a local USDA approved Butcher/meat packer.
* Products do not contain gluten or rice protein.
* Products are from one US supplier who does not import from outside the US
* They do not private label for other companies
* Privately owned company.

Just thought I'd add this in-what people who've tried the food are saying:
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