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4 months old and wants adult food- is this ok?

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Hello all - I have a 4 month old Chi. who is a very picky eater - I have tried so many different food dry/wet combos and he likes none of it. I have two other dogs who eat iams lamb and rice mixed with a bit of wet food and he goes crazy over that. It has gotten to the point that I just gave in and started giving him the big girl food as he stopped eating all together and at 2 pounds he cant afford that. My question is, is this ok for him and should i consider some sort of suplement to get him what he is missing from the puppy food...

It scares me when my baby wont eat.... :cry:

And what's with the one floppy ear? I think it's really cute - but is it a sign of a problem?
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Others will not agree with me, but when they eat a very good quality food, I found that those companies did not have "puppy" food. I was concerned as I got a puppy and I did not want to have to get two separate foods, turned out that things did not work out entirely as I planned so I went back to what she was eating :roll: and let the older one eat that too - I did manage to get the one food that my boy was on in her and they are still on that.Now she is on adult food....people say its a gimic to get more products marketed etc etc and that there really isnt a signifigant difference.

You need your dog to eat so if its working stick with it. I dont like Iams but hey if everybody is happy then...........
He needs the extra calcium and nutrition that is in puppy food so if you're going to let him eat adult food then yes you need to talk to your vet about supplements.
oh and the floppy ear may be teething........give it time :D
Thank you - very much some fast fast responces, I had never heard of the ear flopping during teething..

He has an apt. this weekend, I will talk to the vet about this as well, just needed some feedback until then.
also make sure that she gradually changes from puppy to adult food cus chis have delicate stomaches so you ned to be careful not to upset her digestive system
Update -

I just wanted to post an update to this - I recently visited my vet and he is fine with Remy eating adult food - he told me to give him a tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese, it will get him the protien and cal. a growing puppy needs.

Thanks again all :wave:
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