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4 more weeks....

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It's going to be another 4 long weeks before Felony can hopefully, get her pin out. :cry: We went to the vet today and he said that everything is good except that her pin moved a little not like last time when it had backed out but just a little movement. And to prevent this he gave me a type of medicine that knocks her out and I'm suppose to give it to her twice a day!! I was so close to tears in the vets office but I held it in like a trooper till I got home. It makes me so sad, I've followed the vets restrictions very throughly, but to give her the medicine breaks my heart, she falls asleep and its like shes dead, I know its probley for the best, but by the time she gets her pin out she'll be 6 months old!! Her whole puppy life is going to be spent in a crate and unable to run and play. I hope that this doesn't scar her in any way in her adult life!

Sorry if its to long. Melissa
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Aww, Melissa, I am so sorry Felony is having such a tough time. I know it is heartbreaking to you, but just hang in there. Four weeks sounds like such a long time, but here's hoping the time flies by for you and Felony.

Hugs to you both -
Thanks so much, compared to the time she's had it in, 4 weeks is like the long stretch. I'm just hoping no more problems occur in the mean time.
aaww i'm so sorry to hear this , it must be afwul for you :cry:
but you are doing the best thing for felony ...and befor you know it she will be better and enjoy her life again !!

kisses nat
aw poor baby! as long as you give her love her puppyhood isn't wasted. and just think, she'll have 6 more motnhs of puppyhood left that she could enjoy :)
poor little baby. I hope things go well with getting her pin out so she can return to a normal, happy chi!! :wave:
I feel bad for you and Felony. You are doing the right thing for her... THey say we heal while we sleep... So maybe making her sleep this much is a good thing...

Good luck and God bless
Thanks everyone, and your right maybe it is good that shes sleeping hopefully it will help her to heal quicker! Its just tough cuz she gets so hyper and as soon as she sees me she starts jumping in her cage which is really scary thinkin that it could cause her pin to slip. 27 days left and counting though!
Poor Felony and poor you...I can understand it must be so hard for you.Give her a big kiss from me and Poppy and know that you are doing the right thing for her in the long run... :)
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