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I actually was in touch with that breeder. She was selling me a pure white boy with fawn markings and 2 chocolate spots who was 900.. i was going the next day to see him (last saturday) but she didnt call me on that day and i found out he was sold. So another who didnt call me back to let me know, hey I could have gone all the way to essex and got let down again,... mind yo0u thats better then going al the way to birmingham and being let down again! I enquired about her other puppies for sale on epupz and she said their 1200.. i made an offer of 900 but that was my absolute most (evan that price is CRAAZY) but she said NO, strictly 1200!! (obviously her prices have changed since months ago when they were 300 and 500) anyways she has one puppy left on epupz but had managed to lower the price to 1100!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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