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5th Harness Dress - Mia Modeling

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Ok, here is the 5th dress with Mia Modeling - sorry, hope your not tired of these pics!!
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that is a darling little dress... I love the jean adn the bandana together...

I might have to go buy a bandana and make something for Gadget out of it...
She's too cute! I love how the dress is reversible. You should definatly sell these! :D
Wow you are a harness making machine!!! Very cute!!
soooooooo mega cute!!!!! well done! :wave:
Oh my gosh - look at the position of her front leg and foot in that first pic! It's a classic "model" pose - LOL - she is just sooo adorable - and the clothes ain't half bad either. LOL - you do a great job!!
We can never see enough pictures!!!!! I love this one, one of my favorites. Do you just use velcro to connect it in the front and under the belly?? Does it stay well? I am just scared that if I use it as a harness it might snap open???
Goodness, Mia is adorable!! I love those dresses!! :wave:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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