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6 Chihuhua's Rescued and Need Good Homes, Ontario

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Hello, :wave:

I have stumbled upon some information that 6 chi's have just entered the Lincoln County Humane Society in St. Catherins, Ontario, Canada

you can go to their website or call 905-682-0767

I would much rather help them go to an adult who loves chi's than some little girl for her christmas present (no ofense)

They are 3-5 years old and I couldn't get how many were male or female but they aparently came from an elderly man who was not taking the proper care of them

I don't have any more info than that, not sure what shape they're in but they were rescued so I imagine they'll need some care before they're available

I will also be contacting the ccrt to let them know incase they need temp. foster care
It may be best for them to take them on anyway

Hopefully these guys can find some good homes
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How about posting their web site for anyone that might be interested.
Sure, their website is

There won't be any photos up though

There won't likely be by thursday either, but that's when they'll have a better idea of health etc.

Give them a call thursday or later if you're interested
I'm in St. Catharines...aww, if only I wasn't already getting my chi from the breeder...
Ya we just put a deposit on a little girl from a breeder too but if the ccrt takes them on then they'll need temp homes until they can go into a permanent one

With 6 all at once I'm sure they'll need some help either by donations or foster homes

Who did you get yours from?
How long do you have to wait, we've got about 17 days, I think we'll be counting the hours by the last week :lol:

I've looked all over ON and was having really bad luck, even came across a few mills or at least people that were clearly getting there pups from a miller
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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