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A BIG HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys, relatively new here, would just like to say hello to everyone! Hopefully will get to know you all soon. Think this website is really good all about baby chi's, absolutely gr8! :D
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that's a bit late isn't it :D you are almost a regular :wink:

welcome :wave:

kisses nat
hi and welcome :wave:
heehee well i was trying to get me pics sorted out 1st before i sed hi! What can i say big show off, you have to when you have a darling chihuahua.

a big hello from me and jacob and britney and paris and tyke and patch and rio
welcome!! Your Coco is adorable!!! I have three Chis. Bruiser Teddy and little Chloe. :)

Hello and Welcome from Peanut and Yael :wave:

:wave: Thanks everyone

Hugs and Kisses from Gillian & Coco :wave: :D :lol:
Welcome! :wave:
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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