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So most of you will have seen that we picked up our new Chi pup on Sunday, He turned 10 weeks Monday.
So far things have been going smoothly with Teddy other Chi and Sugar GD, our Grand children came round today and Charlie was growling at them to start with pretty much as soon as he saw them, they are 3 and a half and 2 and a half, now the lady we got him from mentioned a Daughter but we didn't meet her and I didn't think to ask her age to be honest, so my question did we do the right thing, When he growled we told him no, then we put him in his crate for a while and just carried on as normal, then the Grand children went to play in the garden to so I took Charlie into the garden in my arms and when he growled I told him no, the Grand children were really good , we told them to not go to Charlie but to sit down and see if he came to them, then he realised they had food which seemed to work like magic and buy the time they went home he was licking them and sitting on them, Did we do the right thing and is it a huge problem that Charlie growled at them?

And Teddy is love having a playmate, but he is quite a bit bigger than Charlie at the moment , at what point should I stop play? how will I know if Charlie or Teddy have had enough?

Sorry for such a long post!!:daisy:


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Never tell a dog off or discourage him from telling you when he feels uncomfortable.
A growl is communication, he obviously did not feel comfortable around such young kids and was telling you.
A dog that never growls is the dog that bites 'out of the blue'.
Work on socialising Charlie with kids of all ages. Praise him for showing appropriate behaviour around them, but don't force him to interact, wait until he is comfortable. He is probably growling from fear, so you need to show him that kids are not scary.
If you tell him off every time he is near a child it will have the opposite effect. Make sure only calm, well mannered children interact with him so you build his confidence.
Saying 'no' to a puppy is pretty pointless. he will know you are displeased with him from your tone of voice, but he will have no idea what you actually want him to do. So always praise the good behaviour, ignore the bad.
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