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A Few Better Ones...

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I am having the yard treated today. I have it treated three times a year thru the spring and summer for fleas and other pests so i couldnt let them out in the yard so the stotage patio was as good as its gonna get today lol
Just thought i would put up a few better pics of our new little girl so you can see her color better. I have always wanted a brindle and i finally got her!

Eating her chewy...

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Mandi, I just noticed your last name is Payton. I love the name Payton for her. Also, she is a living DOLL. Her coloring is beautiful. I absolutely adore her little snout and apple head. She probably won't be more than 4 lbs if that much.
That would work great for her!!! I love it!!
I'm trying to think of something differant that you dont see a lot and not very common. Payton would def work ;)
If you decide on Payton does that make me her godmother?! LOL
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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