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A Few Better Ones...

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I am having the yard treated today. I have it treated three times a year thru the spring and summer for fleas and other pests so i couldnt let them out in the yard so the stotage patio was as good as its gonna get today lol
Just thought i would put up a few better pics of our new little girl so you can see her color better. I have always wanted a brindle and i finally got her!

Eating her chewy...

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Oh she is so pretty! It looks like everyone is getting along. What is her name?
What a little doll baby! That little short snout just makes me want to kiss her! And I am partial to her coloring, could you guess? ;)
It was your bri dle chi that made me decide witch color i was going for lol i was debating on blue or brindle and when i saw yours it made up my mind ;)
I am having trouble figuring out how to multi quote so hang in there with me. My phone is pretty special :rolleyes:
That would work great for her!!! I love it!!
I'm trying to think of something differant that you dont see a lot and not very common. Payton would def work ;)
If you decide on Payton does that make me her godmother?! LOL
Sure does! ;)
Thanx for all the wonderful compliments! She is settling in great and quickly winning the hearts of every one on my block. The lady across the atreet offered me money if i ever decided to sell her. I told her - dont hold your breathe lol
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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