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A few questions....

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Hi there
My baby is 3 months. I have a few questions... (Sorry to ask so many)

1. I am house training her and a lot of the time she is very good by going on the newspaper we put down. However she does have quite a few 'accidents' also. Is she too young for me too expect her to be well trained all the time?

2. She is not due for her 2nd vaccination for a few weeks. I have been told to not let her on the ground outside at all till fully vacc. This is OK as i love to carry her, no problem. But recently she struggles quite a lot and wants to get down. Also when I carry her outside i never know what to do about her weeing! I don't want to stop taking her places with me as I don't like to leave her home alone too often and she loves meeting new people.

3. She goes to the toilet quite a lot in her crate at night. Again is she too young to go through the night? Will it come naturally to her to stop weeing etc in her sleep area or should i be doing smg? (Her crate isn't very big).

4. She seems to eat everything off the floor! Even though we sweep everyday she manages to find a bit of dust, a hair or other tiny bits. When I see it i fish it out of her mouth! But what about when i'm not there, again will this stop naturally?.....

5. She is always begging for food. I don't give her anything apart from in her bowl at the allocated times (4/5 a day). i don't think she is hungry - but she seems to eats as much as i would give her. she has never left anything! does this mean i'm not feeding her enough? or is she just testing me?!

6. She never sleeps in her crate or goes into it apart from when we put her in it at night. In the day I sometimes open it so its a basket, but she still won't go near it. I want her to 'like' her basket and want to sit in it. Is this possible? she only really sleeps in the day if i'm sitting on the sofa and she can curl up next to me/ on me... - Not always possible.

Thanks so much to you all for your help so far.

m x
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1. Yes she is too young.
2. You should be able to take her in your own yard and let her walk around unless other dogs can access it that you don't know for sure have had their shots.
If you are going to be out for a long period of time take some puppy pads with you. If it is a short trip, an hour or 2, she should "hold" it till you get home. This is good for them to get used to holding it.
3. Yes she is too young, unless you can get up and give her the chance to go where she is suppose to.
4. It's a dog thing. Keep fishing!
5. If she is eating all of it give her more each time you feed her.
6. They always want to be near their human. She probably associates the crate with night time and doesn't want to be in there because she will have to stay in it for a long time.
Is the crate in the same room where you are during the day? And you will need to clean it really well so no potty oder is in it.
I agree. Pip is now five months and just is getting routine with his pads. He usually will go outside, but gets side tracked sometimes. He also loves to sniff around and find whatever he can off the floor to knaw on. I have to be very careful about what is falling from the counter. Pip used to potty in his crate too, but he doesn't anymore. I make sure to praise him each and EVERY time I see him going outside or on his pads. Sometimes he misses, but his accidents are so small, doesn't really upset us at all.
It is true that your baby should be okay w/o full vax to wonder outside, as long as he/she doesn't interact with other dogs.
It is hard but I have learned patience is huge with Chihuahuas. Try a bigger crate so there is room for the bed and toys, but room in the front in case there is an accident. I got a medium cage from Wal-mart. Pip does well in that. I learned leaving pads out of the crate is good too,as well as food. He would just dump his food and water and tear up the papers, leaving a huge mess everytime we put him in it. Your baby will get used to the crate. Pip will actually go in his now just to play and he doesn't cry as much when we crate him when we leave.
Well, any more questions? Will be glad to help, from one learning parent to another!
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Thanks Ms P and Mel.
I hope I didn't make baby sound like a problem child! Most of the time she is very cute and good, especially for her age I think. And when she is naughty she just makes us laugh. I don't mind it at all - i just didn't want her to learn bad habits.
But, it was good to read what you both said (as fellow chi owners) as it made me just relax a bit and realise a lot of things will come with time.
Thanks again
m x
I suggest NOT getting a bigger crate. Only because dogs have a natural instinct to be clean and thus, will start to train themselves not to soil their crate area. Besides, your puppy will be sleeping most of the time because they are still little and growing so it won't really matter how much room they have in their crate. I have a bed and blankets in my pup's crates and that's all.

Having said that, I crate my dogs during the day only. But I come home during lunch to feed them and let them potty. During the day, I try to not let them hold their pee no more than 4 1/2 hours.

At night, I DO NOT lock them in their crate. Instead I leave their crate door open and put pee pads around the room. Their crates are located in a spare bedroom that houses only a computer, desk, and a dresser. I use this room as their "den". I also use a baby gate instead of closing the bedroom door. I've heard that by closing the door, they feel "trapped".

I like the idea of keeping them restricted to one room as their den. Now that they are getting older (5 mos next week), I'm more familiar with their potty/eating schedule and can trust them to run around in the living room and patio. However, they are still off limits to the dining room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Good luck :D
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the more that i read peoples posts on here, the more i realize that my pup is freakin spoiled..omg...u guys would all have a fit if you knew. then agian, i think she deserves it b/c she is so good. i got her at 7 weeks, and within 2 days she was trained to use a litter-dirt box. we made a little ramp of pillows leading up to the bed so that she could go up and down...and now she is almost a year old, perfectly potty trrained, eats her food, listens...and basically controlls my life...she sleeps in the bed, under the covers with us, and has developed a's weird i know you all say taht your dogs are like your babies, but we really do treat my lexi pooh like a human..u guys treat them like dogs, i guess that makes me weird..but o well i just get so sad when we have to leave her, so that's why we have a doggie sitter, we never leave her alone...dang i better stop b4 u all make fun of me!!! :)
Oh heck no, we don't think your weird.

I don't go out and leave mine either. If I can't take them with me I get a sitter too. Usually one of my sons will come over and stay a few hours with them.
Mine sleep in my bed. They haven't seemed to want to get under the covers yet though.

My cookie is almost 3 months too and yes he sometimes did mistakes (i guess because he is very young).

2. My breeder told me the same thing not to allow cookie go anywhere on the ground. they are afraid of the parvo virus

3. Cookie is in crate in the morning when i leave for work and in another 2 or 3 hours there will be my bf or my bf roomate to let her out and play but he still pee in his crate (not really sure why too) but he have never pee on his bed at all.

4. try to teach him a command leave it. We did it to cookie so whenever he tried to eat something on the floor n you said leave it, he won't touch it
and look at you/.

5 & 6 . Not really sure about this one.
You aren't weird or I have to be called weird, too.

My chi and kitten go to work with me. I'm afraid if I ever did go somewhere without them, they'd have super anxiety! They are always either with me or my husband.

And I don't even own a crate! They have free run of the house and total control over my heart.
I am new to this board, but I'll try to answer some of your question since I also have a puppy Chi mix and she is also almost 3 mo old :)
1. I think she is too young, but make sure to really praise her when she does it right (newspaper, pads). My Pupa already seems to know if she did it right - she has a couple of places with newspapers (when she grows up a bit I leave only one place) - and when she does pee or poop in the right place - she runs to me for me to say "what a good girl" and other stuff :) u know :lol: But when she accidentally does it wrong - she just stays quiet or goes in her room....
2. Better not to take her out, I took mine on the roof (it is closed, no dirt and no gods there) - so she can run around a bit
With "struggling" while she is on my hands I am familiar :lol:
3. I cant really help, cos we dont crate train her, she has her "own" room :) it is a spare bedroom, where she has a nice "doggie house" :) + a little open basket, pillows, blankets, toys, water, newspapers..
4. Pupa is the same, which tells me to start teaching her "leave it" like adviced here :lol:
5. My vet told me that dogs ofter beg for food even if they are not hungry, cos for them food is like "attention" from you. If I were you I would ask your vet if your pupie's weight is fine and keep feeding her just right amount and DONT GIVE up when she is begging :) but it is so hard. If min is begging I try not to pay attention and give her a treat when she stops begging and goes to her toys. Another thing my vet told me - "make sure you give her a treat from YOUR HANDS only if she was a good girl and did something right, otherwise put it in her plate or bowl"
6. Pupa also didnt want to go in her room (of course - who wants to stay alone!) - but what I read is that "pick a toy that she like a lot and give it to puppy only when you are going away, or give her a treat when you are going away, and dont make the process or parting long because dogs quickly pick up on your feeling of guilt" :) seems to help :)
That's all I can tell you. I am far from a chi-expert, I am only sharing my own experience and what i was told or read :)
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I wouldn't say a chi is completely house trained for a year. Buffy took about that long to be able to go anywhere in my house unsupervised. Chico my new puppy (he is almost 4 months) is doing great on the house training, he goes outside on a schedule(staying on the same routine every day helps), if I can't watch him he is in his crate, and he stays in one room of the house only when he is playing. He eats 3 times a day(7am,1pm,7pm) and goes out before and after each meal, plays an hour or more then in his crate again for an hour or two, I think this helps in learning to hold his bladder. I am a stay at home mom, so when the kids get home they play with him most of the evening and know to take him out to "pee" every hour or so. At night he sleeps in his crate in my room by my bed from 11pm -7am, he now sleeps through the night.I think he feels more secure being in my room where I am, and my other chi Buffy sleeps with my husband and I in the covers, Chico will too eventually(hopefully he will want to). So just be very strict on your schedule, be patient, don't feed much other than his meals(so his bowels get on a routine schedule), supervise play time, and be patient. Your puppy is still young, give him a year to be completely housetrained. As for the size of the crate, don't use a very big one, I put a fleece lining in mine and a pillow that is it. If it is too big they will go to the other end to mess. And if you put food or water in it they will need to go outside to potty. I am no expert, but this has all worked for me, hope it helps you.
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