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You have learned a lot! I feel the same as you. There were things I had never heard of, thought of, tried or bought (oh, the enablers!!) had I not come here. I sincerely feel that my girls lives will be better and longer because of the people here and what they have taught me. I still have a ton to learn (which is why I hang out here a lot) and look forward to it.

Yeah, unfortunately there are a few here who have some ridiculous vendettas over silly things/topics/previous posts. I ignore or stay out if it has nothing to do with me. I am old and have no patience for tit for tat and "right fighting".

Seems I am learning that more here every day. I have decided to stick to dog topics and steer clear of the chit chat/personal type posts. As much
as I feel like I have to share after being a young, single mom, remarried and raising a couple of kids and their issues, being in the work force over 25 years and being a grandma, some people do not really want advice/help. Too dangerous to offer advice and have others believe it is critical or mean spirited when the topic is personal and subjective.

So, apparently since I am still learning, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! haha!
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