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Just a few updates from the last week.

Some of you will remember that I posted a while ago asking about Orijen. After hearing about the high protein levels, we decided to go for Acana. I have gradually added more to Daisy's Royal Canin, and now have finished switching her over. I bought the 3 flavours in a trial size and she seems to not dislike any of them, so I will probably be giving her all of them in rotation. I am happy to have her on a better food now, makes me feel like a better mummy - even though she's like "Stuff this dry food, give me chicken!"

So thankyou to everyone who helped me out with choosing her a new food.

Other news;
Since a long time before we had Daisy, we had someone living with us (living in our dining room/spare lounge). They have now moved out and it's just me, my brother and mum now (and Daisy of course). Now that he's gone, Daisy has the run of the whole house! She loves it. We used to confine her to the kitchen and lounge, but now she can go wherever she wants! She's running around like a mad thing because she thinks she's naughty and escaped from the lounge! Bless her.
We still have the stairs blocked off though because I get paranoid about her falling down the stairs (she fell down once before, but luckily was only a couple of steps up).

Just random updates, thankyou for reading :)

P.S. Daisy just decided to jump on my laptop as I typed this and she typed this message to all of her chihuahua friends;

cfdddd kj;jluhj

Then she ran off. Haha :)
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