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Hi all,
Well i had a little trouble at school with a few people and i felt left with no friends or no one to talk to but i met a girl Sam in my year and she's really nice, ive known her for awhile but never got to know her - and best of it is she has 3 chihuahua's and i never knew! i was going on and on and on about my baby deano and in ICT i asked her have you got any dogs and she said yeah 3 chi's and i was like oh cool deanos a chi!!! - if she didn't already know! so i think it is pretty cool that i have found a best friend and it's a plus that she has Chi's. No one else has them in my school! so i was really happy and amazed! Maybe deano and her 3 could meet up and have a little doggy welcoming!!! :D Sorry just thought i'd share! :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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