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A gross queston..but help

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Ok my lil baby and i were playing today and as i was tickling her tummy i noticed she had black stuff inside her vagina lips...what is it? should i call the vet...i tried to clean it off with cotton wool and luke warm water but she growled and wouldn't let me.....what is it??
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I can't imagine it's anything too serious HOWEVER try doing an internet search for it. It could just be dirt........good luck.
how odd, hopefully like Shelly said, it's just dirt. Maybe if it is, a full bath will flush it out a bit.
Good luck
Its probably just try bathing her and cleaning it. Itll probably be easier to do that way. Then just watch for a few days and hopefully itll be gone, otherwise id ask the vet.
I know its a long shot but could it be dried blood, that can look black sometimes?
Oh my goodness! Maybe i should ge her to the vet sooner ahhhhhh :cry: :cry: :cry:
maybe infection ??, if she was growling maybe she feels pain ?

is she spayed ? if so ...are you sure of that ? how old is she??

kisses nat
She is nine weeks......I tried again today and it is alot less than is sort of clung to the hair on the inside...... :?
It just sounds like dirt too me - have you given her a good soak in the bath it will probably come off :wave:
Didnt mean to frighten you and didnt realise your baby was so young.Sully just had her operation and the dried blood on the belly cut is black where its dried,i hope its just a bit of dirt.
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