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I think someone here gave me the idea to write a poem about Kemo or maybe not :oops: I tell ya my head just spins round and round anymore, life is so complicated. :?



I looked upon your saddened face - no love or joy was found

I held you in my arms real tight and you sniffed me all around

You tried to jump so scared you were - but we caught you just in time

I had to get you out of there amongst the filth and grime

I put your little harness on, as you were a sack of bones

You shivered in the winter’s light surrounded by the snow

I had a blanket to warm you up - I wanted you by my side

We traveled quite far you see - so we had a long long ride

Once we got you home at last we let you look around

You were just too frightened still - so the corner is what you found.

You stayed there most all the time - with a nip or two at me.

You growled and bit and had a fit when we got too close you see

Time went by seemed very slow but it was only love we had

We wanted to somehow show you - good times were left-not bad

Time has past, your happy now; I glow when I see your smile

It was worth all the hard, tough times - it was worth every mile

What we share can’t be explained - our hearts they beat as one

No more will there be cloudy days you’re my bright and shining sun

The joy that you bring to me – the unconditional love inside

Means more to me than anything – you’re my friend-- my joy-- my pride


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Victoria....what a wonderful poem........well done.. ...I was very touched and I don't mind admitting, it brought me to tears.....thank goodness Kemo was rescued by are one of the " special " moms !
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