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A puppy I'm drooling over

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The breeder is thinking about keeping him and I didn't want a long hair and I didn't want a blue merle and hubby says no more dogs but I'm in love and if he becomes available...........He's mine, LOL
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wow wow wow he is gorgous what a little stunner what will you call him if you get him
Wow!! stunning puppy!!!! hope you get it! :wink:
Definitely a doll baby. Wishing you luck!

he is so beautiful you have got to have him :D
WOW very nice. Would you mind me asking how much they are asking for him :oops:
wow he's stunning :shock: i like his fur !!! i think he's going to have not very long hair...... i love that!!! if she's not keeping him...go for it !!

kisses nat
He is soooo cute! I love the markings on the fawn sable girl on the bottom too hehe. He is a longcoat? He just looks like a nice full smooth coat to me...But what do I know?? :roll:
I watch the merles for obvious reasons. :)

I recognize his sire. He lives a thousand miles from the address of the breeder on the page you posted the link to.

You can also see him on this page..

At first this bothered me because I thought someone swiped a picture of someone else's dog. (This almost happened with Frasier once).

But the sire's name is the same on both web pages so I suppose he's just very popular. :D
Yeah I knew Razzle is owned by chihuahuamama in Phoenix but the lady that has this pup is heavy into the show world so I imagine they met that way. He certainly does throw pretty puppies but I'm having second thoughts. She wants a great deal of money for this pup and I have spent days looking at the sire's offspring and going back and looking at the supposed mother and I keep wondering where all the white is coming from. Razzles pups hardly ever have a lot of white from what I have been able to find and mom is mostly black. So just call me suspicious natured, LOL.
:shock: I was just looking at that page last night lol. he is a doll. S'ok Tinker you can have the males lol. no more males for me
Hey Janie, eventually I'm going to have to find a girl or 10 if I intend to breed but I have to confess it's usually boys that grab me. However as much as I like him I've decided no. She wants $4000. for him and I honestly am seriously concerned about all that white considering his supposed pedigree.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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