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You don't need to know exact ratios of bone-in pieces, but it's good to keep in mind roughly how much bone-to-meat there is when you're feeding. For example, a chicken neck or wing has a lot of bone in relation to the amount of meat on it, clearly quite a bit higher than 10%, so if you're feeding a chicken neck as a meal, or part of it, you probably want to add some additional meat to balance the ratio out a little. Or, alternately, you could feed a chicken neck or wing at one meal and then have the next meal bone-free. Things like chicken drumsticks, thighs and bone-in breast have more meat to bone, so are already fairly well-balanced on their own.

In general, just look at the cut you're serving. If you're thinking 'this seems like a lot of bone', add a bit more meat. If you're thinking 'this seems like more meat than bone', leave the proportions as-is.

Also remember that the 10% amount is a good start point, but not a hard and fast rule. Some dogs do better with a bit more bone in their meals, some dogs need a bit less. Watch the poo, it will tell you where your dog lies in that spectrum. ;)
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