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95 Posts many chis do you own?: 14 many males/females and how old are they?: males: 14yr, 12yr, 8yr, 4yr, 3yr. females: 16yr, 14yr, [email protected] 12yrs, 9yr, 6yr, [email protected] 1yr.
3.whats your favourite chi colour?: I like all colours but fav. has to be red.
4.what chi colour do you find comes up most in your litters?: at present cream, used to be blue/fawn
5.what was it like when you produced your first chi litter?: Exciting & worrying at the same time,4pups by c-section all survived
6.can you remeber the details of the first litter, what colours/m/f/number?:3red male, 1 fawn female, weight from 2-4 oz
7.Do you name the pups in your litters and if so do you have any speacial naming systems?: Yes I name all pups, no special system. big would you say your chi litters were on average and what was the biggest chi litter? average 3 pups
9.How many of your own pups have you kept?: 11
10.How many chi pups have you kept just because you cudnt bare to part with them?: 11
11.what is the worst thing about breeding chis?: loosing puppies & possibility of loosing the mum,we don't go into breeding lightly, it's always a worry & having to find homes, so we tend to keep them.
12.what is the best thing?: watching the pups grow & developing their characters, they are great time wasters & lots of fun.
13.have any of your dogs ever had to have a c section?: Yes,first litter all ok & after loosing pups through breach birth, thankfully the mums were ok.
14.have you had to hand rear any puppies?: yes, 1 she died at 17wks with hydrocephalus.
15.Do you show your chis?: yes a couple of them, but most are neutered.
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