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Spacely has taken to eating raw with the best of them. As I am typing, he is at my feet working on a chicken neck. Tsk, tsk, he is not supposed to be out of the kitchen but since he is on his blanket, I am letting him and will just wash his blanket later.

This morning, I had not gotten out food last night so everything was still frozen. I put some ZP in his dish instead.

He looked at it, looked back at me with a :confused: "What the heck?!" look. He picked at it and then left it. After 20 minutes, I let my other dog (who does not get breakfast) in so she could eat it (She is 43 lbs, it was two bites for her)

Unlike Spacely, Tinsel is not too much of a raw snob to turn her nose up at ZP. She ate it right away.

I have created a raw snob. :rolleyes:
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