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Hi CP Friends!! We've missed posting pics on here, finally got a chance to upload lots of pics of Lluvia!! Hope you enjoy!!

Love this LD top!! So Pretty!!

Hehe Lluvia just loves to take over my bed, she says hers is too small!!

Lol just had to post this pic!! I was asking her if she wanted to go out and her face says, "What kind of a question is that!! Of course, don't you see I'm all dressed up!!"

"Me still wants to go out again"

"Me always alert for strangers!!"

"After a bath me all happy and clean in my robe"

Those eyes are always looking at me when I'm in the kitchen lol.

"Me playing hide and seek. Shh don't tell mommy I'm peeking hehe"

"Me love being outdoors on a lovely day"

"When are we going to the beach!!"

"Me love the sunshine!!"

"Me tired after a walk at the park"

More pics to come!

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"Me doing some yoga hehe"

"Me in my leopard WL Dare Tee"

"Me in my WL Floral Clusters Tee"

"Me keep warm and stylish in my WL sweater"

"Me loves my new plush even though it's bigger than me"

"It's mine!!"

" Help please, me no want no more! It's too big!"

"Me in my WL bow top"

"Me ready to go out in my WL Julie Top and Pearls"

"Me love going to the park to bark at big dogs"

"Can we go now?"

"Me love walking on the pretty green grass"

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"Me love you!"

"Me partying in my pretty dress"

"Me look pretty in Wooflink!"

"Me a princess"

"Me want a slice of cake"

"Me ready to go out"

"Me tired of too much dancing hehe"

"Me love going on rides"

"Me help mommy decorate for fall"

"Me was winnie the pooh last Halloween. Can you find me?"

"Can't wait to see what costume I'll wear this year!"

"Me love the beach! Me always leave lots of tiny footprints."

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!

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Love the sailor suit and princess dress!
Thank You! Those are one of my favorite outfits too :)

hi Kathy,
its so good to see some pics of Lluvia on here !!! Every one of the pics are beautiful . she is so pretty and she has some gorgeous outfits. she looks like she's a very lucky spoiled little princess :)
Thank You Elaina!!You're too kind!! She has lots of gorgeous outfits thanks to you :) Hehe she is very spoiled! Can't wait to see more pics of little Ellie!! I'm sure she'll be very spoiled too and wear some gorgeous little outfits!! :love5:

Hi Lluvia! Bout time your mom spoiled us with some pics of you. You look beautiful my dear!😘
Thank You!! You're too sweet!! I promise to post more pics from now on :)

Great photo's, I just love the Poo one, so cute :)
Thank You!! Hehe love that one too, it's my favorite :)

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Oh my goodness, she has a lovely wardrobe. Please keep Sapphire on mind if you ever clean out her closet! Sapphire just wore the Louis Dog pink jumpsuit from Lluvia the other day! Good to see you back!
Thanks Lynda!! Will definitely keep lovely Sapphire in mind if I ever clean out LLuvia's closet :D I'm glad to hear that!! The LD pink jumpsuit looks gorgeous on Sapphire!!!
By the way I just love your new siggy!! Very pretty and perfect for Fall!

Oh!!! I have missed precious Lluvia so much! Wonderful pictures..I can never see enough of her. She is such a Diva, best dressed girl ever!
Aww Thanks Debby!! You're too sweet!! :)

Love the sailor dress. I think all fur babies should have at least one. Great pics of the cutie.
Thank You!! I agree. I just love the sailor dress too, it's one of my favorite :)

Aww so many cute pictures! The one with her paw over her nose is so sweet.
Thank You! :)

She looks awesome! Welcome back
Thank You Christie! :)
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