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A true deer head chihuahua

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Here is a picture we made today where my friend had a pair of antlers and I couldnt resist and he wouldnt quit wiggling because he wanted to eat the antler/ thats where the dopey look comes from :lol:

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How friggin' cute is that! :lol: :lol: :lol:
that is brill now thats what you call a deer head chihuahua great! :D
You better get Yoshi an orange colored jumpsuit LOL Too cute !
That's one horn-ee chi!! I love that photo! :lol:
awwwww that is to to cute! Yoshi is to to cute! That pic is to to cute!!!
Yes, I would definitely call that a "deer head" chi. :lol: He doesn't look too happy about it though. :roll:
LOL...Reminds me of the dog in "the grinch who stole christmas"...too cute!!
Now THAT is a deer head chihuahua!! :lol:
LOL!! That's soo funny!!! :lol: Great picture!
:D :D :D now that's a real stunning deerhead !!

kisses nat
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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