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.....? about Stella

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Hello guys....

....I have a question:

Stella has been really weird since yesterday. She eats and after a little while she regurgitates averything she eats. I took the food away but she is still regurgitating something.....I am wondering what the cause might be. She looks fine in everything else she does....she plays with Luna, she runs around the house.....I am worried for the fact that this has been going on since yesterday :( ...what do you all think?

Thanks for any opinion.
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Is this the same food she has been eating for awhile? Did she has any access to table scraps or even chocolate? Sometimes Pango is sneaky and one time he ate a Chocolate cookie that a kid must of dropped at the park. Boy it was bad....
Does she chew on stuff?
Could she have swallowed something and it got stuck?
If it keeps up you should call the vet.
Hey food that she has always had...that's what makes me worried. We hardly give her anything else. At the vet they told me all I sould do was make an appointment for tomorrow (nothing available tonight)......ohhh my.....she just started crying really bad!
Is there any other emergency vet centers you can take her too now? Call your vet and tell them she has to be seen by the VET TODAY!!!! It is very important that they see her. Oh my gosh my thoughts are with you... Please let me know what the vet says.
Petsmarts have vets...Bainbridge and they take walk ins.....keep us posted!
Hello guys!
Sorry I couldn't come here earlier than this. :(
Last night was pretty bad so I had to call our vet emergency #. The vet told me to give her 1/2 teaspoon of PeptoBismol every 4/5 hrs. I gave it to her the first time and she threw it out...I gave it to her the second time right before bed and when we woke up this morning, the towel in her cage was all clean....we believe she didn't regurgitate during the night.
We decided to go to the vet anyway......that was a good idea cause a little while before we left she threw up one more time......she has moments when she is all happy and wants to go out and chase squirrels and moments when she gets sick.
Anyway, the vet told us tha she probably drank or ate something that she should't have while out in the yard....he gave her a shot and gave us some metronidazole tiny tablets to give her tomorrow if she is still sick. (basically they are something that is supposed to clean her stomach) . We also have to keep her without food until late tonight or tomorrow morning...poor baby!!
Hopefully she will feel better soon...I always get very worried about her cause when we bought her and took her home, she was still too tiny and she had low sugar......went into comas a few times....that was pretty bad!
I'll let you all know how it goes!! :cry:
Thank you again for your advices!
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Hello everyone!

I've had a really bad week....actually we have had a bad week.
We took Stella to the vet on wed.....he said she has some type of bacteria in her stomach....he gave her some kind of medicine for it but......

....I guess they are not working!! :cry:

We had to take her to the vet again today......he said we should give her time.......give her time?!?......I am just so frustrated to see her like that!!! She keeps vomiting....she yelps every once in a while from the pain and when she does that she runs around in circle. She is sooo depressed and this whole thing just breaks my heart! Oh, my little baby!! I guess we have to wait untill monday like the vet said and then if she is not good take her back in.

I am soooo worried about her....what if it's something worse? I don't know what I would do if something happens to her...oh my...I am so SAD! :cry:

I'll let u all posted on her! Please keep your fingers crossed for us! :(
Just have faith and try to comfort her.

And, if necessary, tell your vet off. Well, not literally. But I've noticed that with doctors and vets, they are reluctant to re-assess their first diagnosis. I don't know why, but even when it seems more serious, or you are un-convinced it is not more serious, they won't take time to explain or reconsider. I've had to take a very sharp tone with my doctors a few times. Say, "Look, this doesn't seem to be working. Is there something else we can do, because this ain't gonna cut it." Your dog is like your baby, and you are understandably VERY upset.

And I'm really sorry, Puck has scared me badly doing something similar, but it only lasted one morning and afternoon, so it wasn't serious. I called the vet at like 8AM because he threw up, yelped when I touched his belly, and refused to budge from my lap. They said that if it didn't get better during the day to bring him in the next morning. But he got better... So my fingers are definately crossed for you that the pills will start to work (and antibiotics do typically take about a week...)
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Fingers and Paw are crossed for you and Stella!
I just wanted to let you all know that Stella is finally doing better!! The past week has been terrible....I was so worried about her...I am so glad it's finally over! :sunny:
YEAH STELLA........thata girl! Glad to hear the good news! :D
awwwwwww stella, I am soooo soooo happy that U R finally doing better, you got everyone worried about you, poor baby :(

Hope you fully recover soon and get up to lots of mischief :wink:
Glad to hear she is doing better finally!

Go Stella!

Time to have some fun!

Did the vet say anything about whether or not it could reacur?

My sister and her husband got some kind of bacteria in their stomachs and they had problems for several months with it flaring up every so often.

Not trying to worry you, just might want to ask the vet to be sure. Hopefully Stella's was a different kind of bacteria.
Glad to hear that Stella is feeling better. I bet you are feeling a bit more relaxed! Thats just wonderful news. :D
Hello all! I am so happy she is feeling better....she has been so excited and playful for the past couple of days....oh...I am just way too happy!!

Ms_P: the vet didn't say anything on whether the bacteria could reacur....we'll have to keep an eye on her...I know bacterias can be hard to get rid of. My father in law got the beaver fever(not sure if that's how u call it)a couple of yrs ago...he said it last for 2 wks and he lost 20 pounds!

I am also glad that Luna didn't get it because the vet said it could have been contagious.
awwwwww poor baby, glad she is feelin a lil better :)
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