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Hi! I really could use some help :(
All of my other chis came to me as young puppies which I loved, trained and socialized and never had any real problems with them as they got older. I adopted Maya in May and she is 2 years old. Her previous owners beat her (the man did so she's terrified of men) and all they kept her for was to breed her until they got rid of her after being hit by a car. She was never socialized or trained and I'm running into some big problems with her.

Men- I, of course, would never force her to try and get near men, that is something that I just need to be patient and supportive with.

Training- I began training her right away and also took her to obedience school. The trainer told me that Maya was the best 1 in the class and she couldn't believe the progress I'd made with her, especially since I missed 2 classes due to illness and since Maya is an older, stubborn chi. She is just now, after 3 months, starting to get the hang of walking on a lead. The biggest problem I have is the barking, non-stop pretty much all day. I'm lucky enough to work with animals and can take her to work with me or work from home so she is crate trained and lately I've been putting her in the bathroom until she calms down but then she gets very mopey from being away from mummy. Any suggestions?

Aggression- This is a HUGE problem. The only dogs she was ever around were there just for mating. If she sees another dog she loses control completely and I no longer exist. She has attacked a lab while on a walk (bit him on the ear) so obviously I never let her near other dogs, but it's making the neighbors frustrated and stressing out Maya and myself. She has also bit a friend because I told her not to hold her hand over Maya's head because it reminds her of the abuse she went through, the person insisted on lifting her hand over her head and calling her name over and over and Maya bit her, obviously I never want this to happen again.

Food and treats- I can tell that Maya had to compete for her food, she eats as quickly as she can and hides it all over the house. She is getting better as she's learning no one will take it away, but is there something I can do to ease her a little more?

Territorial- I trained Maya to potty outside or on a puppy pad if she can't hold it and she's excellant about this. However if she goes somewhere new, or even to work with me, she tends to become territorial and mark things. I'm guessing this might have something to do with her background and that she wasn't fixed until this past April? Is there anything I can do?

Maya is such a sweet, feisty, crazy girl and I adore her, but we are both very stressed out due to all of this. I want her to be as happy and comfortable as possible and not worry about her or anyone else getting hurt. She loves to play with the ferrets at my rescue shelter and she loves the kids she knows so I know she isn't just a horrible dog. Can anyone please help us?

Maya's Mum
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