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Ad For My Aunt Chihuahua/Pom Mix Puppy

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My aunt bought this puppy for her daughter as a inside pet but her daughter is not doing what she promised her mother and my aunt is having to do all the work and has decided since her daughter will not be its owner she is going to place her and asked if I could help her out.

The Puppy is about 3 months old or a little under 3 months she is black and tan she is longhaired. Her father was a purebred pom and her mother is a purebred chihuahua she is very tiny I'd say she is about 2lbs she looks like a little longhaired chihuahua but her ears have not stood yet. Low adoption fee of $250.00 My aunt will not ship her. If interested please reply to post and I will try to get some pictures.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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