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Disclaimer: I am just collecting information right now. If you're busy, you can safely disregard this thread.

I'm an empty nester with a puppy who has brought me such joy in such a short time that I am already thinking "next fur baby" and reading horror stories about puppy mills.

I should probably stay off of Craig's List. The ads that pull on my heart strings the most are tightly bonded siblings and mother-daughter pairs who have to be rehomed because of rental issues.

I certainly wouldn't expect the kind of bond I have with my puppy, but it might actually be a better situation all around: Laurel would not feel displaced, replaced, or inadequate but we would have a larger "instant family" and the bonded dogs could stay together.

I was curious if this has worked out for other people. I could also, at least in theory, use the same money that would go to a breeder to fly a rescue up from Los Angeles.

Of course an adult rescue dog is a much bigger responsibility than a home raised puppy from a well researched bloodline who has been perfectly potty trained at ten weeks. My excess emotions might also be better put to use volunteering with a reputable organization, improving my interpersonal and writing skills, or training Laurel to participate in some sort of dog sports when she is old enough.
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