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advice needed on buying from abroad?

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hiya every1 i have looked into buying a pup from abroad she looks lovely but i am concerned about a few things and wondered if any1 knew anything about it
do dogs have to be quarentined all the time as the pup i am looking into buying apparently doesnt have to be also she is very cheap $410 with shipping included does any1 know anything about this all advice welcome
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They do have to be quarrentined for 6 months at extra cost unless they have pet passport which means they have to have certain blood tests and vaccinations started well before they actually arrive, more cost, i wouldnt go this way,is there not any chis available on the lists i put up?
thankyou for your advice i am just going to ring the lists now
Can i be nosey and they if you dont ask, well...........,why do you want another chi now when your other chi is still pretty young, is it for company, are you going to breed when they are older? :)
as i have got two chis two boys one is 5 and has no papers and is a pet he is my baby ha and jacob is my little show man he is so pretty and now iv got the chi bug i would love a little girl for a playmate for jacob and to show so hopefully i will find one fingers crossed!
do not ship a dog from the USA to the UK it is too far and too stressful on the pup :cry:
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