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advice needed, urgent!!

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Hi, my friend bought 2 chi girls Missy and Sparkles (yep she stole my name lol) anyway Missy was recently PTS due to a broken leg that wouldnt heal and she was in too much pain, this happened last week. Sparkles who's now 4 1/2 months really isnt coping well with losing her sister she isnt eating and just sleeps all day, is there anything that can be done to cheer her up? cos we're getting really worried about her not eating we've tried chicken, fish every kind of food and she wont touch anything. She will have Stitch to play with once I get him cos we share a flat but we really dont know what to do about her till then :( she's so upset.

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There's nothing you really can do if she is grieving the loss of her sister. You might try getting her out of the house and around new people and new environments to take her mind off things. Maybe a petstore where she can meet other dogs would be good for her or a park.

I'm so sorry for your loss - and Sparkles.
so sorry to hear of the loss. :cry: Poor Missy!! Have you any other friends with small dogs?
Her mum has 2 chi's but Sparkles has no interest in them except for chasing Rocket around the house. She just wants her sister :(
Does your friend want anopther chi ? If yes a new puppy could help but only if it is what your friend wants aswell , she could try taking her to puppy classes where she could play with other dog etc :wave:
Yeh get her some lil doggy friends it wnt help her with the loss of her sister but it may help her reaslise she can have fun with other dogs aswell!!
Another thing that may be worth getting for her ( bless her )
is one of the vitamin~mineral supplement pastes ( if she won't eat it
may help her )

Maybe : shaws 8in1 enervite
or : M&C Nurish-um
You say she only chases your friend's Mum's chi around the house, so I take it that's when they visit and your friend doesn't live with your mother. If that's the case I think it is that she is missing not having a chi companion 24/7. We got Brooke when she was 9 months old and I initially had to try all different foods and combinations of wet and dry foods to get her to eat at all. I spent a lot of time coaxing her to eat and often was throwing food out that she wouldn't touch. She was very clingy and got unsettled easily. If we went anywhere without her, she always sensed when we were getting ready to go out and wouldn't eat and then wouldn't eat at all for a day or so after being left alone which was never more than up to a few hours. If we had to leave her for longer we used to take her to a friend's home to be babysat. When we got Minx, who was not her sister, but an ex companion from the same breeder, she was a completely changed little girl. She eats so well, she's in danger of being a little "porky" and we can definitely see that she is the clingy one and Minx is more independant. I guess that, coming from an environment where there were about 12 chi's she bonded more with her fellow chis than her human owners. She has always been extremely affectionate with us, but definitely heaps more settled with a fellow chi.
You say your friend's chi just sleeps all the time, but when she's with the mother's chis she does perk up enough to chase one of them around the house? Could your friend's chi not stay with her mother and her chis until you get your little chi, when she'd have company?
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she needs a little friend around the house. i beleive they grieve the loss of thier comapnions. is there a way your friend could maybe "borrow" her mothers chi's for a little bit? how much longer before stitch comes to live with you...
awww poor baby ... think a new sister would help too

kisses nat
I get Stitch in 6 weeks soo Sparkles has to wait a bit she went to the vet earlier and has been given some pills to get her appertite back, other than that she's just taken everywhere at the moment and throughly spoilt hopefully she'll feel better soon :)
POor little Missy and poor you and your friend.... I feel for you all...

Hope she gets eating soon...
I am so sorry about Missy and that Sparkles is missing her so much. Until you bring another baby into the house I'm not sure what else you can do :cry:
I am sorry for your loss. I was just curious though; why did they have her pts. Coudlnt she just have had the leg amputated if it would not heal? Dogs do great with only three legs.
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