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Hi, I am new to the Site... I have had my boy Chihuahua Joey for about a year now and he is a year old. He is the sweetest thing to me and my mom. But he is very anti social. He goes crazy around people he doesnt know... and people that he has been around before... I guess he just dont like them. My fiancee plays with him alot and gets him all rowd up and they play... but when he trys to be sweet to him, he starts growling at him! I dont know if he thinks that he is trying to play or if he just doesnt like him. Hes never bit anyone... but sometimes I think he will!! If someone new comes into my room or near him, he starts barking like crazy, growling and everything. Sometimes he gets use to them and calms down, but sometimes i have to put him into another room. Is it just a chihuahua thing or is he just scard or what!! HELP?????????? :wave: :?:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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