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Afraid of leash

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Jasmine, who has proven to be afraid of many things, is also terrified of the leash. Since the incident yesterday with her trying to run off in my yard, I am taking her out ONLY on her leash. She will just freeze in place and not move a muscle. She also is newly afraid of her collar because I did a HORRIBLE THING...LOL... I put a name tag on the collar!!

Is a harness less frightening to them than a leash. I have read you guys use harnesses on your Chi's and was wondering why. When I first got Jasmine I bought a harness but it is too big and I don't think she is going to grow into it. She is 6 mos. and the vet said they are pretty much full grown by that age (weight and size wise-they are actually puppies for a full two years). Let me know what your experience has been. Also, I liked the suggestion someone made about using a Ferret harness for them-great idea!
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Bindi pulls and fusses with a leash....that is if I wanted to take her out to potty train....a harness she has a small fit when you put it on then she is ok, wont walk - you have to pull then as Kemo walks she folows him and is fine after that, she is a monster with certain things. :?
Have you ever seen the episode of the Dog Whisperer where the dog wouldn't walk on a leash? if you go to google and type in Dog Whisperer it will come up on the National Geographic website. He has alot of great ideas for things like that. I hope it helps!
yeah... my dog doesn't like leashes also... i tried if a few weeks ago, she didnt wanna move...
I think it is normal for a puppy to resist walking on a leash at first, at least that has been my experience in the past--but Jasmine actually shakes with fear when she has on the collar with the tag (not the collar alone, she DID get used to that) the leash and also hates to have a sweater or anything like that on. I have tried to tell her that being a Chi, she is going to HAVE to let me dress her in cute clothes LOL, but so far she is not listening!!!!
What you should do is when you are in the house, leave the leash on and let her drag it around behind her so she gets used to it hooked to her, then every now and again pick it up and walk a few steps and give her a treat. be sure you are always watching her though, you dont want the leash to get caught on anything and choke her. :D
Oh the dreaded leash syndrome Lady had that. she still doesnt like it put on but she doesnt freeze like she used to after some coaxing she will move for how long thats upto her lol. Sturgis and Daytona took to it as if they were born with it on.
KJ you have the best ideas... I have done that with Gadget. He is getting pretty good about walking on his leash.

I also have put a treat on the floor at one end of the kitchen and set him down on the other end and made him walk with me over to the other end of the kitchen. he likes doing that and it has also helped him to walk beside me.... and when he gets to the other end he gets his treat.
hmmmm. i am on puppy find and put in a seach i didnt have to pay
In the book Chihuahuas for Dummies, which by the way has great tips for training, said that common more in Chihuahuas are collapsable tracheas. This is why it is more preferable to have a harness so when tugged or caught the harness wont choke at their throat. With the harness it tugs at their body. And I actually noticed with Seiah that when he had a collar he made weird breathing sounds. So I traded it for a harness and now he's fine. But KJ's advice is also great, I did that with Seiah and it worked. :wave:
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