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Agility Classes

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I took Cooper to our first class of agility last night. I can tell already it's going to be so much fun. Right now we are just working on basic commands, which we just learned in obedience training so we're ahead of the class. The instructor is very nice, she said not to correct them, that agility is just playing. Cooper is such an aggresive dog (towards other dogs) but last night he was so well behaved I was so impressed. There were two toy poodles there, one was only 4 lbs, (1 year old) she was so small. And Cooper was kind of scared of her. I have never seen him be scared of another dog before. She'd bark in his face and he'd back away. It was so funny. But I think he likes her. lol

Has anyone ever done agility before?? :D
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Nope I haven't. Wht will you be doing there?
no but iv always wanted to i bet its great fun i dont think there are any agility classes near me we go ring craft though
We will be learning pretty basic stuff, like going through the tunnel, over the bridge thing, jumping over the wall, and the hurdle thing (I don't know the right names for them yet) Do you know what I mean? lol :lol:
I dont but a couple of friends form the kennel club do have their Chihuahuas in Agility and they do great!!! It is so cute to see a 4lb Chihuahua jump over the jumps and do the weave poles and do the teeter totter and A frames :lol:
KJsChihuahuas said:
I dont but a couple of friends form the kennel club do have their Chihuahuas in Agility and they do great!!! It is so cute to see a 4lb Chihuahua jump over the jumps and do the weave poles and do the teeter totter and A frames :lol:
There you go! You have the right terminology lol. That would be so cute to see such a small dog do all of those great things. Cooper is bigger (at 8 lbs) so he won't look super small out there. :wink: sounds like so much fun. I have never participated in agility before, but I would love too. BTW...Cooper is way to cute.

I bet that is alot of fun!
I know Kismet would probably enjoy doing something like that :D
Leslie - thanks for the compliment! lol If you have an opportunity and time to do something like agility, you should! Kelly you too! It's a great way to get out of the house and do something fun, that includes your dog (it's great fun for the dogs too!). :D
I wonder if we have something like that around here :?
Oh that's great! I bet you and Cooper are having so much fun! :D

I had thought about letting my daughter do that with Cody but she is only 8 years old. That might be a bit young. I think Cody would be great at it. I've noticed Cody lifting his back left leg every now and then so I think it's pretty much not a possiblity for him now. Once I get the girls well, I'll have his leg checked out. Geesh it's always something lately. :?
Tequila was in Agility and she did great. She placed first in the two beginner classes we were in (actually beat out a Border Collie!! :D )
It was during class though that she hurt her knee....well agrivated an already existing knee problem and she had knee surgery. She has since been cleared by the vet sports therapy clinic to go back to agility but I havent done it yet. I still worry about her injuring herself even though the knee injury she had was a luxating patella she was born with.
Its tons of fun and a great way for a chi to build up self esteem, confidence, and get exercise. My dream was always to have Tequila run in the AKC agility trials...maybe someday...she is still a young girl :D Let us know how you like the classes!

Oh and a bit of advise...once your pup starts to actually run the course stretch her out before hand. Just sit her on your lap and do range of motion with all of her legs (stretch the leg out for 10 sec. then tuck the leg to the body for 10 sec. then extend the leg back for 10 seconds) it slow and only go as far as is comfortable for your dog. Hold each stretch for 10 seconds. Agility is a sport for them and we all know us humans stretch out before we exersize. Do about 10 stretches on each leg...takes about 25minutes to do. People might look at you oddly but trust me this will cut back on potential injury. Do the same thing when she is done after class and maybe do some ligh massage on her muscles. She will love you for it :wink:
Have fun and please share the stories!!!
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Thanks for the advice Jess!! The instructor of the class makes sure we stretch our dogs out before class - she showed us many different stretches to do. I would never even have thought about it if she hadn't mentioned it. But thanks for thinking to tell me about that - I now know that it's so important!

I hope one day you can get tequilla up and running those courses again. It sounds like she really must have enjoyed doing it if she was doing so good at her classes!! (and you too!)

You have a great instructor then. I had no clue that I needed to stretch Tequila out until I started working at the therapy clinic. I felt so dumb for not realizing that they needed to be stretched out like we do but a lot of people dont realize it.
She really loved it. She would be timid while she was waiting for her turn but as soon as we got out there she turned into a different dog and really shined. I think she liked to show off....her jumps were so beautiful...she would fully extend her legs with each jump like she was posing for a picture. The instructor always laughed when she watched her and joking would call her a little show off. The only thing she HATED was the weave polls....god she really was scared of them. Since she is small the instructor told me to buy a bunch of toliet plungers and set them up at home like the weave polls and practice at home. Man did that help. I know weave polls are the hardest for the dogs to learn so maybe you would want to do that too...its great having small dogs because you can really substitute a lot of the equiplement at home with smaller versions.
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That's fantastic.........I love seeing the agility demo's on animal planet. Maybe we will see Cooper on there one day ! On the last competition we watched there was a chi taking part.....she did all right ! I wish I was near a course. I think Bella would enjoy that type of activity.
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