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i'm completely convinced that zoey has LOST HER MIND. for the past few nights when she cries at night we've taken her out to her potty pad. she pees and then hops up on the futon and lays down. so we bring her back to her crate and put her in. now of course, we are used to her crying for the first few minutes while she's in there so we ignore her. a few SECONDS later, we smell something. YES, she pooped in her crate. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER! this has happened like 3 times in the past 4 nights. it's like she waits to get back to her crate to poop. during the day she poops on her pad and nowhere else so why does she insist on pooping in her crate during the night? grrrr i'm at my wits end! she has lost her mind.... :shock:
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Are you cleaning the crate thouroughly with something to erase the smell? Also maybe you need to give her more time to go. My dogs will pee right away and stroll around forever before they poop. I spend many of the middle of the nights sitting on the front porch waiting for them to do something. I also had a problem withone of my rescues going in her crate AFTER she learned no too. sahe had a relapse. So I read somewhere to not have ANYTHING with them in the crate , not even a blanket . So I took everything out and she soon was back on track not going in the crate.
Try not giving any food to Zoey after 7 p.m. This may help end the need for night-time pooping. :)
i was thinking about not giving her food after 7 but i was afraid of the whole blood sugar thing AND if she is hungry she will stand in the kitchen until we give her food. also, sometimes she wont eat her first meal until noon.

after she poops in there we wash everything with color safe bleach. so i dont think it's possible for her to smell it still.

she's never gone in her crate before so i'm just frustrated.

take EVERYTHING out? even the bed? last week our problem was that she was waking up multiple times during the night-- so we had to put the snuggle puppy(with real heartbeat) back in there. i'm afraid if we take the puppy out she will go back to waking up every few hours. grrr. it's a catch22.
How old is Zoey and what is her weight? Very young, tiny puppies are the most susceptible to hypoglycemia. Tucker weighs about 5.5 pounds and is 7 months old. He will sometimes not eat his first meal till late morning, but he does just fine. It really depends on the size and age of the pup.
zoey is 4 months old and last time we checked she weighed about 3 lbs.
Yes i had to take EVERYTHING out. I felt bad because then that left the hard plastic bottom but it worked. It took just a couple days. I GRADUALLY put stuff back in but not right away. Maybe you could put the heart beat thing on top or beside the crate. or maybe tie it to the inside on the door above the ground where it had be heard and felt . I also do not feed or watr after 7 unless itr is very very hot and then i will give abit of water later but make sure to take a potty break before i go to bed.
I don't think bleach breaks down the smell. I COULD BE WRONG!! But, for some reason I'm thinking it doesn't. Maybe you should get a particular cleaning solution for cleaning up puppy accidents?
hmmm i guess i never thought of that!! i wonder if that's the problem!!

i will try to wash her stuff again with stuff especially for puppy accidents tonight before bedtime.
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