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"Airforce and Cowboy Boots" Harnesses....

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What do you guys think of these??? Thought our Military members needed some cool stuff for their little guys too. Thought I needed to make something with a "Western Flare", I'm calling it "Boot Scootin Cowboy" :wink:

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So cute!! I am glad you are making some for boy chis because there is not a lot of cute clothes for boy chis.

Great job :D
They both are terrific. I love the airplane one. You go girl!

yiiihaaaaaaaaaaa :D i love the one with the boots ...they are so in fashion now :wink:

kisses nat
Thanks ya'll!! :wink: Did you notice "The Cowboy Hat Charm" above the D-Ring?? :D

oh man when i get my boy look out!!!

great work yet again!
:shock: WOW!! Those are great. If I had aboy, I'd have to have both of them. Great job!!!! :wave:
love the airforce one.. my daddy used to be in the airforce so i might just need to buy that for my little scoot.. we'll see.. :lol:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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