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This is the air line i use when takeing moka and jemini on trips it's cheat BUT it only flys out of 44 places. :wave:

Traveling with Pets
Independence Air is a pet-friendly airline that accepts pets in the cabin of the aircraft. Pets checked as baggage are not accepted.

Each animal must be transported in its own kennel (provided by the passenger), though small, compatible pets may travel together in one kennel. Puppies and kittens must be at least 8 weeks old and weaned. A maximum of 2 puppies or 2 kittens less than 6 months old may travel in the same kennel. The total weight of the animals and kennel cannot exceed 20 pounds.

Kennel dimensions are limited to 17” long x 12” wide x 8” high and must fit directly under the seat in front of the passenger. The kennel must have proper ventilation, a floor designed to absorb and retain solids or liquids, proper fabrication to prevent the escape of the pet(s) and prevent any part of the pet(s) from protruding, and ample room for the pet(s) to move freely. Pets must stay enclosed in their kennels while onboard and in the airport terminal. Passengers with pets cannot be seated in the exit row.

A $35 fee will be assessed for the transportation of each pet (or each container, if two pets are traveling in one container as discussed above) per direction.

Approved carry-on pets include cats, dogs and guinea pigs. Please call reservations at 1-800-FLY-FLYi to make arrangements for traveling with pets and to find out if pets other than those listed above will be accepted.

Carry-on pets count towards a passenger’s carry-on baggage allowance.
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