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I might be going to NY next month to visit family...of course, i'm bringing chico. its a 5 hour flight from here to NY, so i was wondering if any fo you have experience with sedating your chi's on planes? how safe is it? any info would be appreciated...i don't want to hurt him, so if tranq's or sedating him will, i won't do it. i just know he will be very antsy and will be whining the whole time because he will have to stay under my seat in a crate because they don't allow you to take them out on planes.
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There is a product called Pet Calm that may be what you need, its all natural. Just takes the edge off.
I think KB mamma's suggestion sounds good. If I were going to use anything stronger I'd check with my vet, as I'm sure you would too. I know Chico is your heart. :)
Theres always a chance of an allergic reaction to sedation... and its not easy eing up in the air if he needs mediacal attention! :? xxxxxxxxxxxxx
I woudl go get something like pet calm... you can get it from I heard they work to calm your pet down put they don't sedate them like sedatives or traqulizers.

good luck and God bless
I would be very careful with any type of medication, no matter how mild unless you check with your vet first. If Chico had a bad reaction, there would be no way to get medical help.

I haven't taken Jasmine on the plane yet, but I did take Tia, my previous chi, several times. She did fine with no medication at all. My vet advised against it, but that could have been partly due to her heart murmer.

If you are very careful, you can sort of sneak them out of the carrier for a few minutes at a time, once you are airborne. I did this on every flight, and only got caught once - and then the flight attendant just said "I didn't see that", and went on her way. I just used a blanket and covered her in my lap. :lol: But even if you don't get an attendant quite so nice, they will just politely tell you to put Chico back in the carrier. What else can they do - throw you off the plane? I don't think so. :lol:
I'll probly get the "Pet Calm" thing, thanx for suggesting it :)

I'm just worried about him whining and barking the whole time on the plane. Chico is a huge Mama's boy, and i can so predict it happening if i can't hold him. i've only been on a plane once before and that was when i came out here...and man i wish i had been sedated :lol: i freaked out and cried the whole way here.

if i do go next month...i'll probably talk to the vet to...better safe than sorry. i just want to know what to do incase anything were to happen.
It used to be that your dog could sit in your lap in a soft carrier once you were in the air. Is this no longer true?

5 years ago when I made my idiotic move to California, I knew one of my dogs couldn't handle a 30 hour road trip. She was an 11 year old terrier. The vet actually gave me valium for her. She weighed 22 lbs. It didn't knock her out except for a few minutes. She was mostly just really calm and if she could have talked I think she would have been saying something like, "Cooool Mannnnn." :D
Just one question..what happens on a long journey in planes with toileting|????????????
pet calm sounds ok .....i wouldn't use something stronger ...i hope the trip goes well :wave:

kisses nat
Iamafairy said:
Just one question..what happens on a long journey in planes with toileting|????????????
ya know, i wondered the same thing. :? i think thats why they make carriers with puppy pee pads in them, but still thats kinda gross. i won't be going to NY after all though. its just to expensive right now to fly and i've got a butt load of things to do. i'm moving next month, i gotta buy new furniture, pay for college and get a new car. i'm sure my family will understand.
Iamafairy said:
Just one question..what happens on a long journey in planes with toileting|????????????
Well, my trips were only a little over 2 hours, so it wasn't a real problem for me. I just didn't feed Tia, or give her a lot of water just before the flight.

The carrier I have though is large enough that you could fold a pad in half or thirds, put in the carrier and still have enough room for your furbaby - that is if it's a chi. LOL It's not ideal though. My choice would be to take the carrier into the rest room, put down a pad and take your baby out to do their business. True, it would be a tight squeeze in those tiny rest rooms, but it would be possible - just not real comfortable. :lol:
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