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ALL ABOARD!!! and sshhh..gone hunting!

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:D Look what Stinky & Smelly's grandma sent.
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Your little guys look gorgeous. :p Grandma certainly has an eye for what suits them. The colour yellow looks incredibly striking on Stinky and Smelly looks really macho handsome. :lol:
Loved the yellow sailor boy shirt... looks great :D
What lucky kids they are !! Great outfits. And they seem to think so too ! :)
Those are adorable grandma obviously spoils them :D
Great pics! We need to see more of those handsome fellas! I love both the outfits but especially Smellys! It's awesome :) What a sweet nana they have
omg what a great grandma they have !! they look super cute!!

kisses nat
aww cute!! AWWW .. hehe i love the sailor,,
They already have jobs!!! :shock:

I love their new uniforms!! 8)
Vanessa said:
They already have jobs!!! :shock:

I love their new uniforms!! 8)
:D LOL, somebody needs to bring home the bacon...tho I rather they don't stick their noses in the garbage bag to find it...LOL :D

Thanks everyone for the compliments...she also send an coverall and t-shirt combo but it doesn't quite fit any of them....the leg part hangs at Stinky's tail...but the front par fits I might make my mom cut just the suits legs he can wear it. :wink:
Cooper is jealous now. His grandma doesn't send anything except presents for OmaKitty and an ocassional bone for him. :(
Typical grandmother, spoiling the grandkids. :lol: What a couple of dapper young men. :wave:
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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