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omg. poor jag. it's sick that these things happen behind the scenes. I know how his parents feel. When I was on vacation two years ago I boarded my greyhound at a vets office. It wasn't my normal vet bc they were booked but a friend of mine used to bring her cats there so I thought they'd be the next best alternative. Well, 3 days into my vacation they called my cell and told me my dog hurt his foot somehow and they were giving him antibiotics. they sounded really weird so I called my mom and asked her to go in there and check on him to make sure he was ok since she lived close. well a half hour later she called me screaming(and my mom never screams). she said she went in and had to wait a while before they would bring her back and when they finally did she saw him...laying on the floor with an iv bleeding and bruised from his legs and stomach. she got him out of there and brought him to my regular vet but he died that night. My vet did an autopsy and found nothing that could kill him other than blunt trauma to his body. My vet said he looked like he got hit by a car. it was horrible. i know how they feel. I felt so guilty for leaving him i abondoned him and left him with these creeps who tried to hide what happened to him. ugh this makes me sick. :evil:
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