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Dogs (names) i've had through out my life from a child till now.

in order...from childhood to today.

Cookie (first chow chow , stayed with my parents then died of old age)
Cougar(second chow)
Maggie (rotti my dads but more mine lol)
nala (first chi )
Lucky (second chi, nalas baby my sister adopted him)
Hershey ( bug beautiful chi) my x kept him then abandoned him in the desert)
sandy ( in el paso)
oreo and chitto tiny babies(stayed in el paso)
Bam Bam ( adopted)
peanut (the love of my life - boy passed away jan first this yr)
Yuna(in love with qtip)
qtip( in love with yuna)
second nala ( yunas and qtips baby) all adopted :)
Freeda ( my other love. recently passed away cause of seizures and damage to her brain)
daisy mae(first rescue from backyard breeder)
freeta peeta ( second rescue) i loveee her.
wawies ( the new baby)
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