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Hey guys!

Thank you so very much for all your lovely words.
You have helped me A LOT!!!!

I am going to meet Bentley tomorrow.
I told the breeder the sad story of Haylee and she was very sad for me.
She told me everything about that little man and I gotta say hes perfect. Haylee would of loved him :cry: that I know.

Do you know how it feels when you look at a picture and you just know your in love?! Thats how it felt with Haylee and I´ve been looking at tons of puppys before I found her. With Bentley its just the same.
My heart said YES to him! Love at first sight. So tomorrow we will go and meet him and most likely take him home with us.

He wont fill Haylees spot, no cause there will always be my Haylee in my heart, but there is plenty more space for that little Bentley!

So for me a very very sad story turns out to be a very lucky and happy story. Hope you know what I mean?!

Once more, thanks to all of you! You are lovely people with HUGE hearts!
God bless you and your furbabys!


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