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Allergy reaction help

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Hi, everyone, I am a newbie, but need a little help. Our chi, Nina, developed hives this morning. We called the emergency vet which is about 45 minutes away, and they told us to give her 3 ml of Children's Benedryl, which we did. They are already clearing. They said to keep giving it to her every six hours. I am going to take her to the regular vet tomorrow, but i wish I knew what the culprit was..I do have an idea, she did have a little bit of scrambled egg, but she has had it before and no problems. The only other thing today was I gave her a bath, but again, I used the same shampoo as always and she has never had a reaction before.

Has anyone's chi ever had this happen? It scared us to death.

Thanks for your replies.

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Karen , firstly "Welcome" :)

Sorry to hear about your little one :( how is she now ?
A dog I had a few years back got bad hives after a insect bite ? any chance she has been bitten ? what about any odd food ?

Sorry I can't help much and hope she is ok soon ..

Sara xx
Thanks for your response. No, she wasn't bit by anything, really nothing alive this time of year to be bit by. She seems fine now, though sleepy from the antihistamine, but the swelling and hives are almost all clear.

We were scared to death, all I could think of was her breathing getting restricted, but thankfully the vet said that though that happens, it is rare. We are on the look out for it though, and have to keep giving her benedryl every six hours. Tomorrow I will follow up at her reg vet.
Bless her , glad she is doing ok and the hives have gone down , it's such a scary thing to see :(

let us know what your vet says ,

" Sara & Fizzy D "
I've had that happen twice before to Bosco. It's awful when that happens! Keep giving the Benadryl and if she starts scratching or anything, then give her some more.

Sometimes you don't develop an allergy the first time you are around something, so it could have been the egg or the shampoo -- or something totally different. Just keep an eye out and I hope she feels better soon!

Hi and welcome :wave:

I hope she feels better soon. :)
That happened to Callie too. It is sooooo scary! It happened to her around 10 P.M. on a Friday night. The emergency vet and our vet thinks that it must have been from some type of bite, maybe a spider. Still, we can't be sure.

Just keep watching her and give the benedryl as directed. I hope she continues to improve and doesn't have a reaction like this again. :)

P.S. Because Callie had this reaction, I always ask the vet to give her benedryl before any injections.
hi and welcome... i hope Nina is better... keep us updated!
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