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am from Norway

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Hello,my name is Rosari and I stay in Haugesund,Norway. Came about this site when i was looking for a chihuahua,which i still am. Not easy finding them in Norway,so am trying my luck over here. Its not easy here as well,hard to find breeders. We have a similar website just like this one in Norway. Just wanted to say hello to everyone over here. Will let you know when i get my puppy. Any hints on how i should go about it when i get my puppy??? Does the owner do the chiping before selling if not how much does it cost....

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Hi , i cant answer you about chipping, but just saying hello and nice to meet you :)
Hi and welcome - some breeder do chip pups before they sell over here in england it is fairly cheap around 15 pounds :wave:
Hello & welcome :wave: Good luck finding a chi baby. I think my boy Auggie is learning Norwegian beacuse we have 3 families in our condo complex from Norway and they sometimes talk to him in Norwegian :lol:
Welcome!!! :wave:
WELCOME best wishes on your search :wave:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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