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Am I allergic?

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Ever since I got Dixie, she would always sleep on my chest or around the neck area and I would get rashes! I have 2 other dogs and a cat. Our older chi(long-hair), I never had a reaction to. Our Shiba Inu made me itch when she was a pup, but no rashes now. And the cat never made me itch.

I did wipe Dixie down with the moisturizing wipes for dogs a few days after we got her(when she was 8 weeks). I just gave her her first real bath 2 weeks ago. She never ever is outside and she is free of any fleas. Could I be allergic to her tiny hairs? I'm always itchy around my neck, chest, and face!! It's driving me nuts!!! My dad itches from time to time as well, but not as much as me since I handle Dixie 75% of the time. And I can't help it if she likes sleeping on my chest, it's just so darn cute!

Anyone else have this problem??
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Have you tried taking an antihistamine (sp?) to see if it helps at all? I hope you can work around your allergies, if that's what it is. :)
SH chis can have coarser fur to LH so maybe it is due to irratation from the bristles of the hair :wave:
ozzysmom said:
SH chis can have coarser fur to LH so maybe it is due to irratation from the bristles of the hair :wave:
Ya know, that's what I was thinking too. I have her try to sleep on her fleece blankie more and more so I don't get itchy.

CooperChi- Do you know if Claritin is an antihistamine? I'm almost certain it is. I'll probably try that because I do have other allergies besides the itching.

Thank you both!! :wave:
if it is an allergy rash it is from the dander not the fur itself. so they say. i have allergies to certain breeds of dogs (not the itchy eyes, sneezing type but the red bumpy itchy rash type that only lasts for a few hours than is gone when i am done handling the dog.) my main one is min pins. i used to have the pit bull allergy but after i got my pit the rashes came less and less over time. but since it has been 5 years since i had him i get the rash back when i encounter pits. so i think with time it will get better for you....
Regular Claritin is an antihistamine, but Claritin-D, which is the non-drowsy formula is only a decongestant.

If your pup's hairs prickle your neck and chest, it may just be a rash due to the irritation. My daughter's skin itches and turns red wherever any dog licks her, and if she gets puppy kisses on her lips, her lips will itch and swell.

So it could be the hair or the dander or the saliva.
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