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As you all probably know, I am getting my puppy in a few weeks. I have already started shopping for her, but I am making another trip to the pet store on the weekend to get any final items.

So far I have:
--Food/water dish

My list of things to get on the weekend:
--Puppy pads
--Puppy pad holder
--Harness?? (Do you think I should wait on this item because I don't know about the sizing. I'm not sure if they are adjustable enough and if I should get a kitten sized one or just wait for a while?)
--Plastic carrier? (This is a maybe...but I think it'd be a good idea if I'm going to be bringing it places a lot.)
--Litter box (a cat one or dog one if I can find it)
--Dental chews / snack bones (How early can you give these to a pup?)
--Plush dog toy (My boyfriend's grandmother who has had a lot of little dog said that it's not a good idea to give a puppy a plush toy because then it would be led to believe that it is okay to chew your personal clothes and blanket becuase it wouldn't be able to differentiate things like that from the toy...what do you guys think?)
--Rubber/vinyl toys (Any recommendations on other toys I should get?)

Oh, and of course food, but I will get that close to the date.

I appreciate and tips/comments! Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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