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When I was 8 years old my aunt took in a stray cat that showed up at her door one day, my aunt had never liked cats and my dad laughed at her and asked if she had lost her mind. After a good 10 minutes of teasing my aunt said no in fact she had not lost her mind and that all though she isn't exactly thrilled that she now has a cat she knew that some one she loved sent her that cat for a reason so she will just have to love the cat and be thankful for the gift. My dad also laughed at that but gave her a hug and kissed me goodbye, my aunt was also my babysitter. I asked who sent her the cat and could she ask them to send me a dog (I had been begging my parents to let me have a dog). She told me that when people pass away they never really leave us they watch over us and they send animals to us. A bunny that hops up to you in the park might be a loved one just saying hi, they might send a big eyed puppy to help mend a broken heart, or a matted cat in obvious need of some tlc for a distraction from a tough time. You might need them or they might be the ones that need you but always be kind to the animals because they are a gift of love. My aunt was always a little kooky but I think she absolutely right about this one. Sorry this was so long but I felt like I had to share it. Amberleah is lucky to have you, I'm sure things will work out some how just have faith and patience.
1 - 1 of 72 Posts
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