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Amber's Sister needs a home!!!

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Please take a look at this sweet girl! This is my girl Amber's full sister (as in born by the same parents on the same date) She looks just like my Amber but solid fawn. (Oh and her ears are completely up..She just wasn't sure about the camera) Like Amber she is too small to breed. She has been spayed and is now available to a very special home. She just turned 2 yrs old and has a loving fun temperment. Obviously she will need time to adjust to having a new mommy or daddy. I recieved Amber 6 months ago (so 1.5 yrs old) and it was so worth it!. She is only 3-3.25 lbs and looks smaller because she has a bit more compact cobby build. I want her to go to the best possible home so I am posting on here! And I would LOVE her to go to someone in NC so the sisters could meet for playdates! (Stelun???)

Please PM if you are interested! Her price is $450 which includes the spay so she is really only $200 or $250 so I think the price is reasonable. Shipping is available. She is located in Georgia but the breeder is willing to do half the drive or for a fee the whole drive to such states as NC,SC,FL,VA etc. Look at how precious she is!

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Aww she is adorable! I would love her BUT my older chi Annabelle (only 4 yrs old) is having some health issues. She may have Cushing's so I just can't afford another right now. I'm sure you'll find a good home for her and I hope it is soon! :)
Aww, she is a sweetie! She looks like Amber too! I wish I were closer! :(
She is cute. :)
Chiara(stelun) is expecting soon, I don't think she comes on a whole lot right now.
Hopefully someone will be able to get her
Omg I wish i lived there i would snap her up in a second - she looks just like Amber though :wave:
i hope she finds a great home she's a real cutie !!

kisses nat
Aww - she is so adorable. I really wish I could take her - I've been thinking about getting another chi, but right now is just not a good time. I hope she finds a good, loving home soon.
xx-nathalie-xx said:
i hope she finds a great home she's a real cutie !!

kisses nat
echo nat lol :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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