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I was checking out Ziwipeak and it looks like SUCH a good food! It would be the perfect alternative for me for raw feeding, but I can not afford it. I was searching for a good 5 or 6 star food, and I think I will end up going with Artemis... but if any of you knew of a food like Ziwipeak that wouldn't have to be imported to the USA I would love it. I am prepared to spend more for a quality food (though 60.00 for the Artemis made me wince a bit, still... its worth it), but I just can't afford that much more.

I saw a husky lover (sorry, forgot your screen name!) reccomend and I am keeping that open as an option pending further research. It is a dehydrated food where all the ingredients are essentially raw, but I'm not sure about the meat content when everything is dehydrated. They have a completely grain free food, with meat being the first ingredient. On normal kibble they would factor in that the meat would be without water content and thus be "farther down on the list", but since everything is without water content... then perhaps it truly is the heaviest ingredient and there is sufficient amounts of it?

Haha, my brain just seems to not want to figure it out.

I submitted the food to for a review since it wasn't on there, but I'm not sure how long it takes them to review a food.

Anyhow, if you have any input or know of an American alternative to Ziwipeak, please let me know!
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