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Hey all!

I was just wondering how much you all feed your adult chis. Mine is a 2 year old rescue dog I've had for a little over a month. She weighs 4.7 lbs. When I got her, I was told to feed her 1/4 cup kibble with 2 tsp of moist mixed in. So - that is what I have been doing....but halving that size for 2 meals..breakfast and dinner.

In addition to that - she gets tiny tidbits of cheese and small doggie treats when training, etc.

I thought this was enough - but was wondering if you all fed your chis more than that. Flea has a lovely poo-snacking habit (waiting for my order of DETER online) and I wondered if leaving food out would dissuade her from doing this.

I know some of you leave the food dish out all day, but I know if I did this - she would eat and eat and eat til you could float her in the Macy's Day Parade.
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