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Anal glands. Good times.

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My friend drains her chis anal glands herself. Do you guys do this?

Flea is scooting again like her bum is made of, we're going to the vet tomorrow and I am going to LEARN HOW TO DO IT MYSELF. Better than trucking her off to the vet every month.

Shudder. Anal glands. Thud.
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I had my vet do it recently and he showed me what to do. To tell you the truth, I will probably keep going to him. It is $13. He told me that alot of people do it themselves and that the only thing to be careful of it that you don't get this stuff on your furniture or on carpet, because it is a smell that is very pungent and hard to get out. Yucky!! Aren't you glad we don't have to have our's done? :shock: he,he!!
So if you do, please tell us if it was as easy as it looks. :)
I was wondering how they do it too. Mr. Peepers hasn't had to have his done yet, Buster neither. Is it painful for the doggies? I don't know if I could do something that would cause them pain, I am a big baby when it comes to seeing my babies in pain.
Oh.....Luna needs hers squeezed every now and then.
It's not hard to do. I am not sure if it hurts them or not...I am sure it bothers them though.

That's a good website:

ADVICE: if you do it OUTSIDE because it stinks A LOT!!
Uhmm.. do you do it for females too?
Kurrazie said:
Uhmm.. do you do it for females too?
:D YES, chihuahuas in general.
anal stuff

I'm sorry but this ranks right up to cleaning a geldings sheath of smegma.
(Male horses get this "stuff" collecting on their penis' and around the base.
Your suppose to clean it twice a year or something. I personally would rather die...I think the whole anal gland thing is money well spent!
Re: anal stuff

Anna68 said:
I'm sorry but this ranks right up to cleaning a geldings sheath of smegma.
(Male horses get this "stuff" collecting on their penis' and around the base.
Your suppose to clean it twice a year or something. I personally would rather die...I think the whole anal gland thing is money well spent!
Yeah I agreee. I don't see myself ever doing it. $13 seems like a great price to me anyway. :)
I know it's not the nicest thing to do but with Luna we really had to learn.
There are days when she is in pain and is not able to do her #2 :pottytrain4:
Sometimes it happens on weekends when vets are closed.
I feel bad to see her walk around with her tail between her legs....then I don't like that fact that she passes a lot of gas.
We really had to learn....even if we don't like it :pukeright: :(
stelun said:
We really had to learn....even if we don't like it :pukeright: :(
If it was something that needed to be done alot to keep them out of pain, then I'd have no choice but to learn how to do it :) . What are the symptoms? I know butt scooting but that's all I know. And I might have heard they get smelly down there, is that true?
Their butts stinks!!!! :? Really bad I mean.... Luna would lay on the couch and I can smell the couch...I have to steam clean it every now and then. (I am a clean freak!!!) I know that's kind of disgusting, isn't it?!?
In Luna's case the symptoms are: she does get smelly, she passes gas ( :? ) and can't do her # 2....not really sure if there are any other symptoms....ah...I forgot, they walk kinda funny with their tail between their legs. (Luna is this way once or maybe twice a's not very often but it has happened on weekends).
The vet told me that the anal glans can be removed with and easy surgery.........don't really know about that though.
There was a post a while back about it...I posted how to do it...=P Hehe...we do Sadie's all the time and it's no big deal! You get used to it.....well, my boyfriend does it so I guess I can't really say! I must say that the smell is the grossest thing in the world.
So, I know how to do it....

The vet showed me how to empty Flea's anal glands yesterday. I must say, it's not a pretty job...but I think it will be easy to do. He showed me WHERE the glands are and had me feel them -then showed me the proper way to empty them (externally on a dog so little). He also warned that if you drain your dog's glands too create a cycle where you have to KEEP doing it. But if you allow the dog to drain them on their own....they are better off. time Flea's doin' the scoot like her bum is made of teflon, at least i know what to do!!
I have never had this problem with any of my animals. I do know that from what I learned from my vet, that if they are able to have good solid poop it does this naturally. You normally shouldn't need to clean out their anal sacs unless their stools aren't firm enough. But then again, there are some dogs that just naturally make more than others and are not able to fully clean it out on their own. Maybe check to see that their stool is nice and firm, not to firm. If not that might fix it, if they do have good stools, than I guess this is just what must be done. All I can say is good luck.
I've noticed my Jolie scooting around on her butt a lot lately.. but her poop is solid, and she's only 3 months old, though I'm unsure if age has anything to do with it. Do you think I should ask the vet if her glands should be emptied?
I would think the vet would check it anyway, mine does. But be sure to ask him anyway. OH, and the best advice I can offer for ANY vet vist, write down your questions before you go so you don't forget anything.

I'm a little late responding --

Daisy has to have hers emptied every 2 - 3 weeks. I hadn't heard the thing about "creating a cycle" before, but I only do it when she's scooting, so I don't think I'm doing it too much. I do hers in the bathtub, then I give her a bath, then I clean the bathtub. It is GROSS!

It took me a while to get "good" at it, but it's pretty easy now. She used to absolutely HATE it and I was so dense I couldn't figure out why. Then I realized -- long nails, bad. Poor puppy. (Man, like the last 3 things I've posted have all been about me inadvertently injuring my dog. She's going to have a lot to talk about in therapy.) Also, my vet uses a paper towel to "catch" the butt juice, but I'm not skilled enough to find the glands when I have a paper towel in my hand. I just wear latex gloves (and put cotton balls at the end of the finger tips so I'm not digging my nails into her poor butt) and make sure her butt isn't pointed toward my face :D

She leaks sometimes. It's gross. Everything about it is gross. It seems to only happen on my white quilt (which I guess is better than the sofa -- easier to wash).

Supposedly increasing their fiber (to make the stools firmer) is supposed to help. Also, avoiding foods that claim to "reduce the amount of waste," like Nutro. (I almost had to step outside with the Nutro rep at Petsmart. She's really condescending and when she started in on the "makes less waste" argument, I just wanted to slap her. She'll follow you around the store, too, if you let her.) I switched Daisy to diet food because it is higher in fiber and that seemed to help, but then I had to change her food again because of a potential food allergy. My vet recommended canned pumpkin (like you buy for making pumpkin pie), but she wouldn't eat it.

Okay, I'm going to shut up now. That was really long.
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Hi Jeepgirl, please tell me about Nutri Max!!! That is what Lola has been on since a baby and she loves it and to me seems so healthy. Now I am a little worried. Her poops are nice and solid. (so nice when there is an accident in the house!!) So fill me in, please. I was thinking of going to the "Chihuahua formula stuff(forgot the name).
yep, canned pumpkin is good for firming up poops. we give zoey some pretty much everyday on her kong.

zoey scooted ALOT when we first got her. she had to have her glands expressed twice but since then we haven't had to have it done. one day she had a dirty butt :shock: and my boyfriend was cleaning off her rear end and said "uh, i think i just emptied a gland" gotta love having a boyfriend around to do the messy work... :D
Hi sillymom (That's funny, my brothers and I call our mom "silly mom.")

Nutro Max claims that their food is so digestible, it reduces the amount of solid waste. (This is what their website says: "MAX uses only highly digestible rice and wheat - never any ground corn. This means higher digestibility and lower stool volume. More nutrition goes into your dog; less waste goes into your backyard!")

Dogs are supposed to express their anal glads naturally when the go potty. If a dog that already has problems doing this naturally is eating food that reduces the "stool volume" (as they say on Nutro's website), it just exacerbates the problem. Daisy's poo was always pretty soft when she ate Nutro. Switching her to diet food (higher in fiber) reduced the frequency that I needed to "squeeze her butt" (as I call it) from every 2 weeks to about every 3 -4 weeks -- which may not seem like a huge difference, but I thought it was a decent improvement. Mostly I was just mad at Nutro because I felt like I had been "tricked" into buying something that was not necessarily better for her (which is why I feel so hostile toward the Nutro Lady at Petsmart). It didn't help that right around the same time, one of my cats (also eating Nutro) developed FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease or disorder or something else that starts with D) and had to be switched to prescription food. I feel disillusioned.

Does Lola have anal sac problems? If not, I wouldn't worry about changing it. It is SUPPOSED to be good food. It was recommended to me by a holistic vet, so they must be doing something right. I'm not commenting on the nutritional value (which is supposed to be good) -- just that it's not the best food for dogs with anal sac problems.

Hope that helps.
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